Pictures of last week’s ProForm™ Liner installs


Steam generator operating peacefully on the sidewalk


Liner being hoisted to the roof


Steam is introduced into the liner at the bottom in the boiler room


14 “ProForm™ Liner being dropped down 95′ Chimney

IMG_0805 (1)

After about 2 hours of curing, the liner will be trimmed to the necessary height.


This job originally called for a stainless steel liner. Even after several breaches were made in the chimney, it was determined that stainless would have been close to impossible. Proform™ was used instead to save the day.


ProForm™ liner before inflationIMG_0820 (1)

IMG_0826 (1)

ProForm™ liner inflating halfway down the chimney. Normally you would not have this view since there is no need to create additional breaches in a ProForm™ Chimney Restoration installation.

IMG_0823     IMG_0832 (1) IMG_0830 IMG_0829     IMG_0837   IMG_0832

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