ProForm Chimney Restoration™ Makes History!

The Christ Church in Philadelphia recently upgraded their boiler to a high efficiency gas boiler and looked no further than ProForm Chimney Restoration to provide a new long lasting chimney liner.  The original over sized chimney flue was relined with a Philadelphia Gas Works approved Dual Fuel ProForm Chimney Liner.

Historic Christ Church

Christ Church

Known as “The Nation’s Church” because of the famous Revolutionary-era leaders who worshiped here, Christ Church was founded in 1695. It was the first parish of the Church of England (Anglican) in Pennsylvania. It is also the birthplace of the American Episcopal Church.  Talks on the church’s rich history are given throughout the day.

We are so proud our system was chosen and trusted to be installed in the Historic Landmark building and we are looking forward to many more.  Here are some pictures from that historic day.

ProForm Christ Church107ProForm Christ Church103ProForm Christ Church128ProForm Christ Church131ProForm Christ Church101ProForm Christ Church104ProForm Christ Church160 ProForm Christ Church159 ProForm Christ Church158   ProForm Christ Church100ProForm Christ Church110ProForm Christ Church105ProForm Christ Church111ProForm Christ Church109       ProForm Christ Church135ProForm Christ Church127              ProForm Christ Church126 ProForm Christ Church124ProForm Christ Church121ProForm Christ Church123ProForm Christ Church122ProForm Christ Church116ProForm Christ Church117ProForm Christ Church144ProForm Christ Church115ProForm Christ Church114ProForm Christ Church119ProForm Christ Church141ProForm Christ Church143ProForm Christ Church146ProForm Christ Church145ProForm Christ Church155ProForm Christ Church154ProForm Christ Church148 ProForm Christ Church157 ProForm Christ Church156ProForm Christ Church150ProForm Christ Church152 ProForm Christ Church149          ProForm Christ Church106




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