ProForm™ is finding an unexpected niche in the Residential Market

Once thought as too expensive to survive the residential market, the ProForm Chimney Restoration System™ is proving to be the go to liner for our dealers.  Tile knock no more!  ProForm™ liners allow installers to install properly sized liners in clay lined chimneys because of its ability to take on the shape of the existing flue.  This means an 8″ ProForm™ liner can be installed in a  clay lined 8″ x 8″ flue, whereas traditional lining methods would either install a 6″ liner with difficulty or be forced to remove the clay to obtain the proper exhaust. Offsets can also be a nightmare for traditional methods and even spray on liners (which also have difficulties sealing gaps), but pose no issues for ProForm™ liners.  Offsets are easily navigated without the need to breach the chimney walls.  These reduced labor costs add up to big savings to the customer and provide an easy sale for the Dealer.

proform-10-20-75 proform-10-20-74 proform-10-20-73 proform-10-20-81 ProForm 8-4 - 1 ProForm 8-4 - 3 ProForm 8-4 - 4 ProForm 7-25 - 6 ProForm 7-25 - 4 ProForm 7-11 - 15 page6-1014-full page6-1013-full IMG_1279 ProForm102

ProForm 7-11 - 1 ProForm 7-11 - 2 ProForm 7-11 - 7

ProForm 7-11 - 18 ProForm 7-11 - 16

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