• Introduction

    What is ProForm Chimney RestorationTM

    ProForm Chimney RestorationTM is a non-destructive chimney lining system which conforms to any shape, size or length chimney.  ProForm Chimney RestorationTM is  a corrosion-proof, flame and heat resistant, airtight liner tube made of a composite material with the rigidity of steel, without seams and a fraction of the weight.

    The material of DualFuel-ProForm made from three main components:

    (i) Interlocking tube-shaped sleeve for installation purpose only- will be removed after steam curing.

    (ii) Prepreg layer- This is glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin with ceramic filler, a so-called composite material. this part facing flue gas –after item 1 removed before using...

    (iii) Exterior Fiber- This layer made from special fabric non-elastic outer layer to prevent physical abuse.


    The liner is initially flexible in shape easy to insert in brick chimney, tied top end to seal for any steam to leak, apply steam at bottom of the liner up to 300 deg F and pressure up to 2.25 psi for two hours until it cured as a solid construction.


    DualFuel-ProForm chimney liner is to be installed in masonry chimneys used to vent gas or oil fired appliances only. The liners are manufactured in sizes of 3 in. to 40 in. outside diameters. The chimney liners are intended for installation in masonry chimneys having a minimum height of 25 ft. and a maximum height of 350 ft.

    Thermoplastic liner - removed after installation

    Prepreg Layer - glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin with ceramic filler

    Thin textile cover woven from synthetic fiber

    Conforms to path of chimney

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    A prepreg (from pre-impregnated) is fibreglass impregnated with resin. The resin is pre-dried, but not hardened, so that when it is heated, it flows, sticks, and is completely immersed. Prepregs are thus fibreglass strengthened by an adhesive layer (similar to FR4 material).

  • Applications

    The main area of application of DualFuel ProForm Chimney RestorationTM is the lining of existing and new chimneys. It is UL approved to be used with gas and oil heated boilers. It can be used with all types of boiler as well as with chimneys of all sizes and shapes. Its rigidity characteristics enable it to be used for the construction of freestanding chimneys as well.


    Suitable for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial chimneys in lengths up to 350' and 40" in diameter.

    Conforms to any shape

  • Installation and Equipment

    Watch the Video below to see for yourself how simple it is to install DualFuel ProForm.™

  • UL Certification


    Click the UL Logo to view the Certification

  • Structure & Specifications

    Internal layer

    The internal layer facilitates installation, it is a thin-walled (.004" - .006") plastic hose made of a mixture of thermoplastic components. Its size suits the desired diameter. It softens at 230 °F and is easily combustible.  This layer must be removed after inflation,

    Intermediate layer

    The intermediate composite layer is the heat, flame and corrosion resistant structural material of the DualFuel ProForm chimney liner tube. Composite means resin of high solidity reinforced with thin glass fibers. The resin surrounds and embeds the glass fibers, cementing them to each other.

    The resin transfers forces from one glass fiber to another and protects the glass fibers from corrosion. The solidity of composite materials is determined by the amount, type and direction of the thinner-than-hair reinforcing fibers. One square meter of the 2-mm thick wall structure of the DualFuel ProForm liner tube contains 3,000,000 meters of glass fiber.


    The diameter of the reinforcing glass fibers in DualFuel Proform is .005", which are used in the form of fabric. The rigidity of glass fibers is the same as that of steel, but they are three times lighter

    External layer

    The external layer is a thin fabric woven from synthetic fiber. Its function is to protect the composite layer and to ensure the exact perimeter of the chimney tube. Its other function is to form a homogeneous external surface.



    Cold resistance

    Wall thickness


    Length (optional)

    Corrosion resistance (acids)

    Corrosion resistance (Bases)


    Tensile strength

    Thermal conductivity

    Coefficient of thermal expansion

    Angle of distortion



    UL 1777 Approved for Gas and Oil

    -50 °C

    2-2,5 mm

    3" to 40"

    10' to 350'

    very good in respect of acids pH 1-7

    good in respect of bases pH 7 - max. 12

    1,5 g/cm3

    100-150 N/mm2

    0,4 W/m K

    2,4 x 10-5 m/m K

    30° max.



  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What does Dual Fuel mean?

       Currently ProForm Chimney Restoration is approved for use two types of fuel, Gas and Oil. These fuels burn at lower

       temperatures than solid fuels such as wood or coal.


    How thick is the ProForm material as compared to 10 gauge stainless steel.

        DualFuel ProForm in its cured state is equivalent to 10 gauge stainless steel (5/32" or 3.8mm)


    What does the ProForm Chimney Restoration system do that spray on liners can not?

        It offers a consistent wall thickness, no mixing involved,  and will pass over an open hole in the flue.


    How does the cost of ProForm Chimney Restoration system compare to traditional stainless Steel.

       The final results should be compared, not the purchase price of the materials. ProForm Chimney Liners can be

       installed in a day, it does not require the demolition of interior walls and can be used in chimneys of all sizes and shapes.

      The longer the chimney and more the difficult the job, the cheaper it is to install ProForm Chimney Liners.


    How can I become certified to sell and install the ProForm Chimney Restoration system?

       The process starts with sending us a message expressing your interest, we will then send you an application.

       Once approved, you will take the mandatory training course and purchase the required machines and tools.

       You are now ready to sell this revolutionary lining system.


    Can I do the Installation without "buying" a ProForm Chimney Restoration system dealership?

       No. This chimney lining system is very specialized and requires proper training and equipment.  ProForm Chimney

       Restoration liners will only be sold to certified dealers.


    Does ProForm Chimney Restoration system provide any advertisement/promotion for the product?

       Yes, ProForm Chimney Restoration will maintain this website, provide links to certified dealer, attend trade shows

       provide logos, ad slicks, and art work.  It will be up to the dealer to print and distribute their advertisements in

       their territory.


    Will ProForm Chimney Restoration be another 'Saturated" dealership?

       Absolutely not.  ProForm Chimney Restoration dealers will limited on a radius based on population and type or region,

       e.g., urban, rural, industrial, etc.  If a dealer is unable to keep up with the demand, then and only then will additional

       dealers be considered.


    What is the approx. lead time from order to delivery?

       Current lead time is approximately two weeks, but will decrease as demand increases.


    How does ProForm compare in weight to 20 gauge rigid stainless steel.

      Before inflation, ProForm liner is slightly lighter, but in its cured state, ProForm is considerably lighter and as strong

       as 20 gauge rigid pipe.  Keep in mind,  since ProForm is a seamless liner, the entire length of a tall chimney is

       transported in a folded compact package which can be very heavy.  Imagine the weight of a 70 foot 10" diameter rigid

       pipe squished into a 4' x 2' slab of steel.


    What if I have a job that is not within my dealer territory?

       If there is no dealer available and it approved by ProForm Chimney Restoration you are good to go.


    Am I able to do my own advertisement/ Promotions for my ProForm Dealership?

       Yes,  as long as your advertisement does not encroach on another dealer's territory.


  • The ProForm™ Story

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